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Founded in 2013, W K Distribution has been committed to providing the best service and the best customer care— along with exceptional value— since day one. We pride ourselves in offering the most comprehensive distribution services to startups and small businesses than our competitors. Your customer’s satisfaction is just as important to us as it is to you.

W K Distribution also proudly participates in ethical sourcing and distribution of international trade goods. Manufacturers and farmers from around the globe trust us above anyone else to put their specialty food items, production line goods, and more into the hands of their consumers.

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Comprehensive distribution services help your product stand out in a vast marketplace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pallets should be sized no larger than 48” x 40” x 72”. Pallets exceeding these measurements will be broken down to the appropriate size, increasing the receiving time. Organize product by lot number and do not mix different products or lots together. Ensure pallets are properly wrapped and banded to safeguard against damage. Receiving time and fees will increase if the Receiving Team has to re-box the whole shipment or use our stock boxes to store the product.

Once your product arrives at our warehouse, it goes through a comprehensive receiving process. The quantities and product information are checked and verified against the provided packing slip. Any discrepancies are promptly reported to your Account Manager who will contact you directly to remedy any order inconsistencies. Product weights are taken and recorded in our system to ensure that the right postage is applied to each of your orders. Each product received is recorded in our receiving logs for quick reference. Once the product is received completely, the product is placed in its designated storage location and the product quantities are added to the dashboard inventory page, which provides real-time inventory management.

Notify your Account Manager prior to the shipment arriving so the Receiving Team is expecting it and can make proper arrangements based on the size of the shipment. You also need to send the appropriate paperwork to your Account Manager before your product arrives.

Send a detailed packing slip. Merchant name, product name, quantity, and lot numbers should all be included in the packing slip to make the receiving process run as smoothly as possible. If applicable, state on each box the quantities shipped within that box.

Our minimum contract requirement is 1 year.

No set-up fees. There is a non-refundable prepayment that must be received before our team can start creating your account. The prepayment is determined by the location of your warehouse(s) and covers your picking, packaging, and shipping charges, as our service is prepaid.

In essence, any “touch” we make to an order — other than those specifically priced elsewhere in the Contract — is “kitting”. For instance, if we add void fill such as a handful of crinkle paper, that’s a kitting fee. If we use a client’s custom carton, that’s a kitting fee. If we had an applique or sticker to a package, that’s a kitting fee. If we put a client’s product into a bag before we pack it, that’s a kitting fee. Or, if we add a spritz of fragrance to a package, that’s also a kitting fee.

All Products must have labels on the exterior face (Product or packaging) with information including barcode, SKU number and Product description in print type no smaller than 10 pts.